CDC has been established to identify/ classify students according to their field of interest and capabilities. Since the employment market is becoming increasingly competitive, there is a need to mold the young mind of students to develop their interest in the subjects leading to bright future. Employers are looking for students who are industry ready. Most of the students are not in the position of making the career choice and at times students feel pressured into making a right decision. Sometimes, a student gets admission in a branch that is not as his/her first choice. So this seems there is a need of obvious advice. In view of above CDC has been introduced.



(18 Months)



At the time of admission, the students are required to undergo a psychometric test to know their mindset and attitude level

  • The CDC will organize PDP classes for students to groom them and to engage them in positive activities.
  • The CDC will provide the training for students which involve accent reduction, English grammar, personal grooming, interpersonal & behavior skills etc.




(12 Months)



The student again will pass through a psychometric test to decide their field of interest and their intelligence level. 

  • Preparing and developing instructional training material and aids such as handbooks, visual aids, online tutorials, demonstration models, animation and supporting training reference documentation for the students.
  • The CDC will design, coordinate, schedule and provide development programs that can be delivered in the form of individual and group instructions.




(18 Months)



The students of similar interest will be clubbed together. The CDC in coordination with the respective departments will work to:

  • Facilitate workshops, meetings, demonstrations, and conferences.
  • Provide specialized training followed by certification in the respective field/technology.
  • Liaise with external training providers to arrange delivery of specific training and development programs.
  • Monitor and perform ongoing evaluation and assessment of training quality and effectiveness.
  • Review and modify training objectives, methods & course deliverables and investigate research background materials to gain an understanding of various subject matters and systems.




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