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The Department of Computer Science & Information Technology


The Department of computer science and engineering emphasizes on the development of high quality human and knowledge resources in the fast evolving area of Computer Science so that the students can contribute their worth in establishing India as a major IT hub for the entire world.


To provide impetus in the direction of training and transforming young men and women into responsible thinking engineers, technologists and scientists in the area of Computer Science and Engineering. The department is committed to produce intellectual, knowledgeable and technologically competent IT workforce for the world economy.

About the Department

Computer Science is the systematic study of the theoretical foundation of how data is processed to obtain information. Computer scientists invent and optimize algorithmic processes that create, describe, and transform information. These algorithms are then used to formulate suitable abstractions to simulate complex systems that mimic real-time problems. The study is devoted to theoretical foundations of computation and practical techniques for their implementation in computer systems.

On the other hand, Computer Engineering has its roots in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. It deals with the study of interaction of various devices among themselves and with the computer. However, there exists a significant overlap between them.

Computer Science deals with the theoretical and research aspect of the whole field of information technology. Creation and optimization of algorithms, network designs, database designs, programming paradigms, all come under the perview of the study of computer science. When we talk about Computer Engineering, the Practical approach and implementation of what is formulated in the science is looked upon. Experiential learning of principles of Logic and Computer Programming, Database and Networking are practiced.

In its totality , Computer science and engineering can be conceived as the two sides of the same coin, where each side complements the other.

At VGI, The Computer department uses a balance between theoretical understanding and practical implementation. Focusing on basics, practical implementation is also as much a part as theory. Apart from the regular courses, the department also conducts workshops, training programs and conferences to provide best technical skills and software engineering ethics.

Courses Offered:

Under Graduate Courses:

  • B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering
  • B.Tech. in Information Technology

Post Graduate Courses:

  • M.Tech. in Computer Science


The curriculum designed by the computer science department at VGI involves intensive industry level training on latest and emerging technologies. Students are involved in industry like working environment which inculcates the feel of working under real life professional scenario.

Some of the Trainings and workshops include:

Training in “C” and “++”

C language is the basic language being used for solving complex problems. Though, C is taught in the first year of B.Tech, the computer science department in VGI has designed a bi-weekly training module for C and C++ for 2nd year.
The training obhective is to make the students comfortable in C/C++ language. C is the stepping stone towards your software development career and we at VGI are here to make sure you take the first step in the right direction.

Java Training:

The programming language which revolutionized the IT Industry is is the most sought after skill in the IT jobs market. Pertaining to the philosophy of VGI to create employable engineers, the computer science department conducts weekly Java trainings for the students of 3rd year which involve students playing with the Java code and solving real time complex problems. Gone are the days when they started with the Hello World program, and welcome to Java application development.

Android Training:

Based on Java, Android is an open source operating system which revolutionized the consumer electronics industry in past half decade. Taking the exponential growth rate, Android Application development is now a $58 billion industry (as of 2016). It is safe to say that Android development has got an enormous scope of career.
Being the latest technology, it is imperative to be up to date in the development process. The Computer Sciences department at VGI realizes the urgency and importance of being trained in such a widespread technology which has penetrated the market like nothing else. Weekly trainings for Android are conducted by faculty and industry professionals to enable students create an edge in their resume and career.

Computer Networking Training:

Internet is the fiber that binds the world. Everyone uses internet, email, social media and so on, but does anyone know how the Internet works? To answer these queries from computer engineering perspective, special networking workshops are conducted by the department for overall career building of the students.

Web Technologies Training

With numerous websites sprouting up every day on the internet space, it is important to create quality websites and web apps to solve real time problems.

Lab Facilities :

The Computer Department at VGI boasts of 6 Computer Labs which can house around 200 students at a time for collectively working on practical implementation in labs.

Latest Software available

Oracle , Turbo C,DevCpp 4.5, M.S. Visual Studio, M.S. Sql Server 2008, Jdk, Weblogic, Apache Tomcat 6, Ufasoft Common Lisp, Matlab and many more.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

G0FCA: Ground Zero Forum for Computer Application

G0FCA is a technical organization of computer science and engineering students of Vishveshwarya group of Institutions. This was formed in the year 2008with the aim to make the students learn technical and non-technical aspects of their engineering profession. It really boosts the managerial and technical abilities of students by conducting various activities in college levels such as brainstorming, quizote, debugging, LAN gaming, seminars and many more.

Industrial Visits:

The plight of the industry is such that there is a huge gap between the engineering curriculum and skills that industry needs. Keeping that in mind, regular industrial visits are organized by the department which enable the students to be updated about what technologies they can make a career in depending upon their interests.

Industrial visits enable students to be familiar with the ongoing development in the industry and the corporate culture after graduating from the institution. These visits involve interactive sessions with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, & the alumni.


There is an urgent requirement of advanced skill enhancement because of the fast evolving nature of IT industry. This demand of rapidly changing skill set has less to do with the individual and more to do with the effects of globalization. Keeping the Global perspective in mind, the computer scene department at VGI offers trainings for developing and honing key skills in Software Development like Android Development, Web Technologies, Java Trainings, C Trainings, and Computer Networking Training.

The industry demand for a well-educated engineering work force with specific skills requires the ongoing development of specific advanced education targeted for new engineers. B.Tech. Qualification gives you a job, but market value is what VGI offers.

VGI’s aim is to create intelligent work force which has the necessary technical skills, soft skills and other skills required by the industry. The Department bridges this gap of Curriculum and industry by organizing seminars, workshops and trainings.

Cluster Computing Center

Using existing system, students are exposed to Cluster Computing & Grid Computing.

ERP Cell

At VGI, Students are trained on TinyERP (open source), which motivates the students to develop ERP for small and medium industries.

Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Linux is the most stable open source Linux Distro. Major servers are deployed over Linux Environment. Being the users of Windows, it is imperative for students to learn the Operating System because it is in high demand in various organizations.

Oracle DBA

Database is the backbone of any organization. Oracle Database Administrator Course allows our students to deal with the complete knowledge of database and its administration.

ASP/PHP Technologies

PHP is regarded as the most suitable language for static & dynamic web development. With Digitalization being promoted rapidly in the nation, web development boasts of paramount importance for creating a career in the IT industry.

Big Data

The big data technologies are evolving very fast and is used to describe a massive volume of both structural & unstructured data that is so large that it is difficult to process the data using traditional database and software technologies.

Cloud Computing

With the easy Internet access for everyone, the technology of storing and sharing information has also evolved to Cloud Computing, which essentially translates to data being accessed from anywhere in the world.

Java Technologies

If you are a Computer Graduate, programming in Java is the most sought after skill required for employers. It enables core programming skills to develop any project.

  • TCS
  • HCL Technologies
  • Accenture
  • Daffodil Software
  • Mindtree
  • QA Infotech
  • Infosys
  • IBM Technologies
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Wipro
  • NIIT Technologies
  • Birla Soft
  • Genpact
  • Hexaware Technologies
  • L&T Infotech
  • R Systems
  • Adobe Systems
  • Oracle Corp.
  • Mphasis
  • Sapient
  • Patni Software
  • Cognizant
  • Bitwise
  • Dive-In
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • Amazon
  • Paytm

National & International Certifications

OCAJP Oracle Certified Associate JAVA Programmer
OCPJP Oracle Certified Professional JAVA Programmer
OCMJEA Oracle Certified in JAVA Enterprise Architect
OCA Oracle Database Admin. Certified Associate
MTA Microsoft Technology Associate
MCPD Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate
CAST Certified Associate in Software Testing
MCSA Microsoft Certified Solution Associate
OCP Oracle Certified Professional
SCJP Sun Certified JAVA Programmer