Dr. Vinod Chaudhary

B.E,M.Tech,PHd (IIT-BHU)


Vishveshwarya Group of Institutions


People often say that in the current times, SMART WORK is better than HARD WORK.

Well! I disagree, hard work is indispensible, it is an absolute must ! .HARD WORK with the vision of what you want to achieve in your life, along with a concrete, time –bound plan to get you towards your goals is the ultimate mantra of professional and personal success. If you lose your vision of where you want to be, you will become direction less in no time.

Also, learning is not an end in itself, learning a continuous journey; it is an opportunity for you to become better both personally and professionally. Those who think that they have learnt all become the biggest losers in their life.

So the take away message is that “SMART WORK can never beat HARD WORK, hard work has no substitute, and the learning must never stop”

We, at Vishveshwarya Group of Institutions fully believe in the statement mentioned above and strive to make our students assimilate the same. The objective is to provide the growing world economy a contemporary but future ready, hard working ,ethical workforce who become the instrument of positive change in technology, pharmacy and management thus providing an impetus to the quality of life in this globe called the Earth.

“Welcome to Vishveshwarya Group Of Institutions”