1. Attendance is compulsory in Lecture/Lab/Tutorial & wellness and official College functions. According to University norms, a minimum average attendance of 75% is required for appearing in End Semester Examination. A student having a shortage of attendance shall not be allowed to appear in the End Semester Examination.
  2. Be punctual for all lessons and official College functions.
  3. Absence from Lecture/Lab/Tutorial or Official College functions must be accompanied by a medical leave or prior leave approval granted by teaching staff concerned.
  4. Leaving the College during teaching hours can only be granted with an official leave form signed by the concerned HOD or Director, VGI.
  5. A student who has been detained due to a shortage of attendance shall not be allowed to appear in University/Sessional examination of the semester. The University Enrolment number of such student shall, however, remain unchanged and he or she shall be required to complete the program in a maximum permissible period of academic years as per AKTU norms.
  6. The student has to register themselves at the beginning of every semester, and his/her attendance will be counted only after completion of registration process. A fine may be imposed in case of late registration.



  1. All students are required to maintain good conduct and behavior during their stay in the Institute
  2. All students are required to carry ID cards while on Campus. Identity Card, when demanded, should be shown to the competent authority
  3. Students are required to go through all the notices on the Notice boards every day.
  4. Follow all instructions given by the teaching staff. Students should consult their Class Coordinator, Head of Department, or Faculty members if they have the problem or having some doubts.
  5. Take pride in and carry out conscientiously all work and assignments
  6. Consume all food and drinks within the cafeteria only. Return all utensils to the respective receptacles provided. Food wrappers, disposable cups, and plates should be thrown into the dustbins observe all safety rules
  7. Observe all safety rules mobile phone must be switched off or silent mode while in the Institute
  8. Mobile phone must be switched off or silent mode while in the Institute
  9. Students are required to inform to College in case of change in their address or personal particulars



  1. Students are to refrain from moving any property belonging to the College unless authorized.
  2. Students must exercise care when using College property. Any loss or damage to property belonging to the College must be reported to the teaching staff or their HOD. Students who lose or damage College property will have to pay for the damages incurred by them.
  3. Students are to return to the Chief Proctor any article found in the College premises.
  4. Students are to ensure that all classrooms, workplace and surroundings are kept clean and free of litter.
  5. Students should not waste water and electricity. All fans and lights should be switched off after use in the class room.



  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited within and outside the College.
  2. While in the College or at official functions outside the campus, students must be neatly and appropriately dressed in the College uniforms.
  3. Caps are not to be worn in the college at all times except for female students during workshop practice.
  4. Students must wear dark color shoes (black, blue, grey or brown) with their uniforms while in the College. No sandals or slippers are allowed.
  5. Male students must not sport long hair (long hair refers to hair touching the eye-brows or covering the ears or touching the collars). They should be clean-shaven.


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