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Message from Dean - Academics

Our ability to adapt is amazing, our ability to change is not quite as spectacular - Lisa Lutz

The word Education and Knowledge are the two different branches cropped up from one root of academics, yet ironically one is attainable and the other isn’t. The exact metaphor is applicable for Employment and Employability, though both of them begins from social need but in the present context of time they have their own conceptual differences. Employment gives the essence of getting what the industry is providing us while employability is what we can provide the industry. On one hand where the idea of employment makes the youth dependent there on the other hand the quality of employability makes the youth confident enough to choose and bargain for the job he is looking forth. This is that exact trumpet which VGI has started to blow in the cloak of ‘Pied Piper’. There’s definitely going to be major turn -around but at the same time the fact is every significant turn-around has its own repercussions and criticism. The cogitation of various certification courses along with regular university curriculum, churning of holistic trait, balancing the budding technologies, catering the demand of AI, MI, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IOT, Image Processing may sound metaphysical to those who are ignorant from the reality that Life is to bolster key skills and one must let the budding technologies bloom within himself. The term ‘Job Assurance’ is simply to bridge the gap between the incumbents and arbitrariness. I wish the students to become the Alchemist from the Metaverse of Knowledge, Wisdom and Execution.

Dr. Amit Kumar Agarwal
Dean Academics

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