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Teaching Excellence

Since 2000, We Have Been Among One Of The Leading Colleges For The Best Lectures And Teaching Methods.

How are you taught?

At VGI, the college faculty arranges lectures, seminars and practicals for students from time to time.
By incorporating an expansive range of academic methods, approaches and experiences, we create an impactful learning environment that leads to success.
Whether it's a group project, problem-solving session or lecture, our teaching methodology is best for each subject. So, that learning for students can be more effective.
From the case method and projects to experiential learning, lectures and simulations, our teaching methodologies engage students in dynamic discussions about real-life business challenges and makes them stand apart.

Seminars & Classes

These are usually for medium-sized groups (Eg 10-30 students), lasts between one to hours, and provides an opportunity to discuss particular topics in more detail. They are led by professors, but students are expected to contribute actively too.


Practicals, also called laboratory classes are run in some courses to assess the practical work of the students.


The initial stage of teaching method starts with a 50 minutes lecture.

Lecture method is the oldest teaching method. It is one way channel of communication of information. Students’ involvement in this teaching method is to listen & pen down the notes during the lecture.


Supervision provide an opportunity to explore your subject more deeply, discuss your own work and ideas and receive regular feedback. As they aren't assessed, supervisions provide the ideal environment for you to test your ideas and interests, while encouraging you to develop your thinking.

Supervisions are small group sessions. (most often for between one to three students) with supervisor (an academician)

You do some preparation for each supervision, usually reading, writing an essay or working on some problem. In the session, you get feedback on your work and talk about / present your ideas.

Supervisors are specialists in particular subject areas so, throughout your course you go to different supervisors to get an exposure of different fields.

Trips & Visits

Several courses include opportunities to go on field trips, study visits.
I was a bit nervous as I was homesick and I came far off from my family to study at VGI but here, the atmosphere is friendly and i loved the homely atmosphere of the college.
Aditya B.Tech (EC)
I think the teaching is outstanding. The quality of lectures, tutorials and practicals are incomparable. Everyday at VGI was valuable for me and meant a lot and it is undeniable that what i studied at VGI was valuable for me.
Ashish Polytechnic (ME)
Here at VGI, fears get converted into dreams, hesitations changes into motivation. The way to success is learnt, shared, transferred and witnessed by the alumni and faculty, of course. 
Dr. (Prof.) Ramveer Singh Dean Academics & H.O.D - CS Ph.D, M. Tech., B.E.
If I can inspire students to study and instill in them a thirst for knowledge & practical experience, I feel this is the best path to effective learning and in turn greater student achievement.
Dr. (Prof.) Ajai Pratap Singh H.O.D - Applied Sciences Ph.D, M.Sc (Physics)

Guest Lectures

  • Solar Energy
  • Smart Grid Control by S. Chatterji
  • Next Generation Communication Technology by Mr Om Pal Singh
  • Energy Management by S. Chatterji
  • Processing of Green Composites by Microwave Energy
  • IPR and its benefits for academicians and institution
  • Fuzzy Logic & Applications
  • Writing and Publishing Quality Manuscripts


  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Faculty Development Program on Power System Design & Analysis using Dig SILENT Power Factory Software
  • FDP on "10T"
  • Nano-Technology and its applications in communication
  • Cryptography And Network Security
  • Robotics And Its Application
  • Research Methodologies


  • Virtual Labs - sponsored by IIT Kanpur.
  • CNC Machines
  • VIRTUAL LAB by Prof. Sudarsan Ghosh, IIT Delhi.
  • Nano-Technology and its applications in communication
  • Cryptography And Network Security
  • Robotics And Its Application
  • Research Methodologies

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